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Be Safe Online


About This Content

This content in EVOLVE is available to all users to ensure they understand, and can communicate to others guidance how to best protect their devices and accounts when using the Internet.

The internet and digital devices have changed modern lives beyond measure. But whilst they are incredible tools, what must not be underestimated are the potential threats carried by use and the opportunities that are presented to criminals.

This information is not aimed at a specific type of offence, but instead is relevant to all persons who access the internet, both regularly or otherwise.

This module contains guidance on safe and secure internet usage across five key areas: secure internet access, system security settings, online behaviour, use of social networks and making online purchases. In each section, information about how individuals can protect themselves online can be found, which can then be shared or discussed.


Content Author

Here at Blue Lights Digital we have developed a range of platforms to support investigations, as well as providing continued support and education for investigations professionals, helping to grow their own Digital Investigation and Intelligence capability.

Evolve is designed to deliver on-demand access to knowledge and subject matter experts that allow skills and knowledge to be quickly acquired.

The system delivers a ground-breaking approach to increasing digital capability through a mobile application and online resources available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the content?

The Evolve platform works best via the Evolve Mobile App deployed via your organisation or online with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge, or with Internet Explorer version 9 and above.